The YogaKit API is still in rapid development. Please use it and report issues, bugs or feedback.

YogaKit is a Objective-C (and Swift-compatible) wrapper for Yoga. It allows iOS Developers to manage the layout of their views using the power of Yoga.

Layout configuration is done via the YGLayout object. YogaKit exposes YGLayout via a category on UIView.


As with any UIView, instantiate it using -(instancetype)initWithFrame:(CGRect)frame. YogaKit uses the frame of the parent view to determine the space that is available for children in layout.


Yoga relies on UIView subviews to build up its internal layout tree. However, a subview can exclude itself from layout by setting the isIncludedInLayout property on YGLayout to NO.

It is also possible to query the number of children included in layout via numberOfChildren.


To apply a layout to a view (and its’ subviews) you need to call [ applyLayoutPreservingOrigin:NO]. This will do a layout calculation (if needed) and apply the calculated frames to every view included in the layout.

In the event that you need to another layout pass on a view you can mark it dirty via [ markDirty].