The AlignItems property describes how to align children along the cross axis of their container. AlignItems is very similar to JustifyContent but instead of applying to the main axis, it applies to the cross axis. There are 4 options for AlignItems:

  • Stretch (default)
  • FlexStart
  • FlexEnd
  • Center

The only non-obvious option of the four is Stretch. With AlignItems = Stretch you instruct children to match the size of their container in the cross axis.

AlignItems = Stretch

AlignItems = FlexStart

AlignItems = FlexEnd

AlignItems = Center


The AlignSelf property has the same options and effect as AlignItems but instead of affecting the children within a container, you can apply this property to a single child to change its alignment within its parent.

This property overrides any option set by the parent via the AlignItems property.

AlignItems = FlexEnd; AlignSelf = FlexStart;


The AlignContent property is used to control how multiple lines of content are aligned within a container which uses FlexWrap = wrap. There are 6 options:

  • FlexStart (default)
  • FlexEnd
  • Center
  • Stretch
  • SpaceBetween
  • SpaceAround

AlignContent = FlexEnd