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Since 3.8

Capability names are used to identify modules that are either conditionally configured or that are introduced over time.

You can use the expanded version command to query capabilities and avoid building knowledge of version numbers in your client application(s).

You can use list-capabilities command to obtain a list of capabilities supported by your watchman server.


Every command is identified by the command name prefixed by the string cmd-. For example, the watch-project command is indicated by the capability name cmd-watch-project.

Expression Terms

Every expression term is identified by the term name prefixed by the string term-. For example, the match term is indicated by the capability name term-match.

File Result Fields

Every field is identified by the field name prefixed by the string field-. For example, the size field is indicated by the capability name field-size.

Feature Enhancements

Sometimes we will enhance existing functionality by adding new options to existing commands. Since these changes won't result in adding a new command they won't implicitly gain a capability name. In these cases we'll assign an appropriate capability name by hand.

The following feature capabilities are possible / released:

Capability NameSince versionDescription
relative_root3.3relative_root query option
wildmatch3.7Expanded match term with recursive globs
suffix-set5.0Expanded suffix to support set of suffixes