Releasing Native Packages To Npm:

There’s a few native esy packages included which are released to npm.


The Reason repo is a “monorepo” esy project. To actually created individual packages from the monorepo that should be published, there is a script ./scripts/esy-prepublish.js which accepts the relative paths to various .json files you wish to publish as individual packages. To release packages @esy-ocaml/reason and @esy-ocaml/rtop which have json files reason.json and rtop.json respectively in the repo root, you would run that script after committing/bumping some versions:

git checkout -b MYRELEASE origin/master
git rebase origin/master
vim -O esy.json reason.json
# Then edit the version number accordingly on BOTH files. With that same VERSION do:
version=3.5.0 make pre_release
git commit -m "Bump version"
git push origin HEAD:PullRequestForVersion # Commit these version bumps
node ./scripts/esy-prepublish.js ./reason.json ./rtop.json

# Then publish. For example:
# cd _release/reason.json/package/
# npm publish --access=public
# cd _release/refmt.json/package/
# npm publish --access=public

Then follow the printed instructions for pushing any of the packages to npm. They will show up under @esy-ocaml/reason etc.

Releasing Native Packages To Opam:

note: it is recommended to install opam-publish via opam-depext -i opam-publish

*Also, the commands below are examples based on specific Reason and rtop versions, the version numbers and possibly source urls will need to be changed to match the relevant release.

  1. cd into a directory that you don’t mind having stuff downloaded into
  2. opam-publish prepare reason.3.2.0 ""
  3. opam-publish submit reason.3.2.0
  4. opam-publish prepare rtop.3.2.0 ""
  5. opam-publish rtop.3.2.0

[Depracated] reason-cli

Those two Reason packages are combined together into a separate npm package reason-cli which prebuilds those as well as merlin. They can also be used individually from esy projects without prebuilding, but they are more or less just npm hosted versions of the Opam packages. reason-cli is now no longer necessary, as projects can/should declare @esy-ocaml and @opam/merlin as devDependencies in their project’s package.json/esy.json. We may revive a separate project just for prebuilt binaries of rtop without merlin.