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The React add-ons are a collection of useful utility modules for building React apps. These should be considered experimental and tend to change more often than the core.

The add-ons below are in the development (unminified) version of React only:

  • Perf, a performance profiling tool for finding optimization opportunities.
  • ReactTestUtils, simple helpers for writing test cases.

Legacy Add-ons #

The add-ons below are considered legacy and their use is discouraged.

Deprecated Add-ons #

LinkedStateMixin has been deprecated.

Using React with Add-ons #

If using npm, you can install the add-ons individually from npm (e.g. npm install react-addons-test-utils) and import them:

import Perf from 'react-addons-perf'; // ES6
var Perf = require('react-addons-perf'); // ES5 with npm

When using a CDN, you can use react-with-addons.js instead of react.js:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/react@15/dist/react-with-addons.js"></script>

The add-ons will be available via the React.addons global (e.g. React.addons.TestUtils).