SpotLight #

Light originates from a single point, and spreads outward in a cone.

Representation of

Props #

angle?: PropTypes.number #

Maximum angle of light dispersion from its direction whose upper bound is Math.PI/2.

decay?: PropTypes.number #

The amount the light dims along the distance of the light In "physically correct" mode, decay = 2 leads to physically realistic light falloff.

distance?: PropTypes.number #

If non-zero, light will attenuate linearly from maximum intensity at light position down to zero at distance.

intensity?: PropTypes.number #

In "physically correct" mode, the product of color * intensity is interpreted as luminous intensity measured in candela.

penumbra?: PropTypes.number #

Percent of the spotlight cone that is attenuated due to penumbra. Takes values between zero and 100. Default is zero.

style?: style #

color color
opacity PropTypes.number

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