Pano #

A Sphere of 1000m with center located at the local transform origin. By default this is position:'absolute'.

Panos are images projected onto a sphere that fully surrounds the viewer. These are a core image format for VR applications. You can create 360 photos by using special 360 camera hardware. These will be usually in the form of Equirectangular images covering full 360° horizontal and 180° vertical angles. Here is an example:

Cubemap images are also supported by specifying the source url as an array of 6 individual images, presented in the order [+x, -x, +y, -y, +z, -z]

Props #

onLoad?: PropTypes.func #

Option onLoad callback called on success

onLoadEnd?: PropTypes.func #

Option onLoadEnd callback called on success or failure

source?: PropTypes.oneOfType([ PropTypes.shape({ uri: PropTypes.string, stereo: PropTypes.string, }), PropTypes.arrayOf( PropTypes.shape({ uri: PropTypes.string, }) ), PropTypes.shape({ tile: PropTypes.string, maxDepth: PropTypes.number, }), // Opaque type returned by require('./image.jpg') PropTypes.number, ]) #

source image in the form of {uri: 'http'} for a panorama or [{uri: 'http..'}, {uri: 'http..'}, {uri: 'http..'}, {uri: 'http..'}, {uri: 'http..'}, {uri: 'http..'}] for a cubemap

stereo(optional): the stereo format of a panorama: '2D' | 'TOP_BOTTOM_3D' | 'BOTTOM_TOP_3D' | 'LEFT_RIGHT_3D' | 'RIGHT_LEFT_3D'

If stereo is not a supported stereo format, it'll by default use '2D'

style?: style #

tintColor color

Changes the color of all the non-transparent pixels to the tintColor.

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