Debugging #

Reloading JavaScript #

Instead of recompiling your app every time you make a change, you can reload your app's JavaScript code instantly. To do so, press F5 in the browser on Windows, or Command ⌘ + R on MacOS.

If you have loaded your application in Hot Reloading mode


You should also see changes dynamically update as you save source files on your host machine. For more information see the Dev Tools section.

In-app Errors and Warnings #

Errors and warnings are displayed in the console of your web browser.

Errors #

Console logs and output as console.error.

Warnings #

Console logs and output as console.warn.

Chrome Developer Tools #

The browser developer tools can be used for debugging, this includes adding breakpoints and inspecting runtime values. You will notice that the source is presented as a single bundle of JavaScript. However, as the React Native packager also supports sourcemaps, the original source code can also be used.

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