React VR
Build VR websites and interactive 360 experiences with React

React VR lets you build VR apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich VR world and UI from declarative components.

import React from 'react'; import {AppRegistry, Pano, Text, View} from 'react-vr'; class WelcomeToVR extends React.Component { render() { // Displays "hello" text on top of a loaded 360 panorama image. // Text is 0.8 meters in size and is centered three meters in front of you. return ( <View> <Pano source={asset('chess-world.jpg')}/> <Text style={{ fontSize: 0.8, layoutOrigin: [0.5, 0.5], transform: [{translate: [0, 0, -3]}], }}> hello </Text> </View> ); } }; AppRegistry.registerComponent('WelcomeToVR', () => WelcomeToVR);