React Native Versions

React Native follows a monthly release train. Every month, a new branch created off master enters the Release Candidate phase, and the previous Release Candidate branch is released and considered stable.

Current Version (Stable)

0.43DocumentationRelease Notes

This is the version that is configured automatically when you run react-native init. We highly recommend using the current version of React Native when starting a new project.

If you have an existing project that uses React Native, read the release notes to learn about new features and fixes. You can follow our guide to upgrade your app to the latest version.

Pre-release Versions

0.44-RCDocumentationRelease Notes

For those who live on the bleeding edge. Only recommended if you're actively contributing code to React Native, or if you need to verify how your application behaves in an upcoming release.

Past Versions

0.42DocumentationRelease Notes
0.41DocumentationRelease Notes
0.40DocumentationRelease Notes
0.39DocumentationRelease Notes
0.38DocumentationRelease Notes
0.37DocumentationRelease Notes
0.36DocumentationRelease Notes
0.35DocumentationRelease Notes
0.34DocumentationRelease Notes
0.33DocumentationRelease Notes
0.32DocumentationRelease Notes
0.31DocumentationRelease Notes
0.30DocumentationRelease Notes
0.29DocumentationRelease Notes
0.28DocumentationRelease Notes
0.27DocumentationRelease Notes
0.26DocumentationRelease Notes
0.25DocumentationRelease Notes
0.24DocumentationRelease Notes
0.23DocumentationRelease Notes
0.22DocumentationRelease Notes
0.21DocumentationRelease Notes
0.20DocumentationRelease Notes
0.19DocumentationRelease Notes
0.18DocumentationRelease Notes

You can find past versions of React Native on GitHub. The release notes can be useful if you would like to learn when a specific feature or fix was released.

You can also view the docs for a particular version of React Native by clicking on the Docs link next to the release in this page. You can come back to this page and switch the version of the docs you're reading at any time by clicking on the version number at the top of the page.