The reference implementation of Python has been designed to be easy to port to other languages. Since PlanOut’s initial release, it has been ported to all major Web programming languages

Production-ready releases

These implementations of PlanOut have been used routinely by major websites and are considered stable.

  • Java: full-featured implementation of PlanOut by Glassdoor, including experiment lifecycle management and code review.

  • PHP: Vimeo’s implementation of PlanOut. Includes native API with PSR logging.

  • JavaScript: complete port of the PlanOut reference implementation to JavaScript by HubSpot. Includes native APIs for ES5, ES6, as well as the PlanOut interpreter. If you are using React.js, the JavaScript implementation works well with a separate library for the implementation of UI experiments.

Under development

These implementations are currently under development, and may change substantially in the future.

  • Go: implementation of PlanOut interpreter for golang by URX.

  • Ruby: Basic native API implementation of PlanOut for Ruby