Cascade Effect

This example demonstrates a cascade effect generated from a single spring curve. A spring is pre-recorded using the SimulationLooper. Each frame of the spring is played back over a set of frame handlers where each handler trails the next by one frame. When all of the handlers have played all the frames, the animation is over. (Code)

Hamburger Button Example

This example demonstrates an animation similar to the one found in Facebook Paper for transitioning a hamburger button into a close button. The animation timing is run on a Rebound spring and each frame of the animation is interpolated from a zero to one spring transition and drawn in canvas. Tap/Click on buttons to transition between the states. (Code)

Photo Scale Animation

This example demonstrates scaling a photo on a Rebound spring animation. You can adjust the tension and friction using the sliders and observe how this changes the curve of the spring animation. The tension and friction values are based on Origami, so you can convert Origami mockups directly into Rebound animations. (Code)
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